This man is Frank D'Angelo, a "beer baron" and general Canadian raconteur. He's also, oh, a bit of a dope. After Canadian blogger — bloggers are so cute when they're Canadian — Neate Sager at Out Of Left Field made fun of D'Angelo a few times, the phonetically challenged fellow sent a nasty "seize" and desist letter, full of borderline insane ramblings and threats of lawsuits. It even made the national press in Canada, if you can count the Globe & Mail as "national."

Well, D'Angelo didn't react well to that news either, sending another letter to Sager, saying that calling him a "professional nuisance" is akin to libel, which makes us hope D'Angelo is better at making beer than understanding law (or spelling).


D'Angelo is obviously hoping to throw his weight around and scare Mr. Sager into no longer referring to him as the dope that he is. ("I'll sue you for, uh, something or other. Take that!") This is not indicative of the warmth we expect from Canadians. We ask Mr. D'Angelo to "seize" all this claptrap and go take a nap or something. Maybe he can attempt to seduce a Mountie?

Blogger Vs. Beer Baron Goes National [Out Of Left Field]
D'Angelo Complaint [PDF File]

(We were actually wondering if Deadspin LLP had any suggestions for young Sager. Thoughts?)