So this is enough to make one happy: The cover boy for the new EA Sports NCAA Football 2008 game is ... Boise State quarterback Jared Zabransky!

No, really, he is. We're not necessarily sure this is going to help the game sell more copies than having Reggie Bush on the cover, but hey, we doubt the Broncos were paying Zabransky thousands of dollars to attend their university either. (Boise State and Yahoo: Friends!) This is, without question, the most exciting event to happen in Idaho since Lana Turner was born. Boise State was our favorite story in college football last year, and it's nice to see them getting a bit of attention, even if no one will remember in a year, because, jeez, there are Notre Dame games to be show.

By the way, the state motto of Idaho is Esto Perpetua, which is Latin for "Let It Be Perpetual." We have no idea what that means.

Latest Gig For 'Z' — Cover Model [Idaho Stateman]

(Sorry we called them "Idaho" State earlier. It has been a long week.)