Because we've fallen into the strange rut about writing about the groin areas of men in our late-day posts of late ... here's another one!

Right now, you too can buy your very own Nebrask 1996 Fiesta Bowl jockstrap. And boy, does the seller ever do an outstanding job of hyping it.

Over the years we have mentioned that players receive many gifts and are well taken care of while playing at a major college, Not just Nebraska, but many of the major colleges give the players many items and when a team goes to a bowl game, players get many gifts, I have also said in the past that the Nebraska players get so many items - that they get items right down to their jock strap.

And of course, we have had people email us and tell us to stop exaggerating about the JOCK STRAP. Well, we were not exaggerating, we were telling the honest to goodness TRUTH. And, to prove our point WE ARE OFFERING AN AUTHENTIC NEBRASKA JOCK STRAP FROM THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME.

All right, all right, we believe you, now stop it. Bidding is currently stuck at ... a penny. Imagine that.