• Goodbye, Balls.
• We guarantee you Dick Vitale's Betamax is flashing 12:00.
It's good to be Brian Urlacher.
• Tommy Lasorda claims he doesn't pay for sex, but we know better.
• We'll take a camouflage Bible over a neon bible, anytime.
• You absolutely cannot kill Rulon Gardner.
Whom shall you do?
• Please don't insert anything in Luis Castillo.
• Now that's an ass slap.

Long week, fun week, great week ... now if you'll excuse us, we're gonna go party with Urlacher for a while. The Mighty MJD will be here all weekend to regale with tales of goodness, and we'll be back for the last week before the NCAA tournament. (By the way, if you're writing one of our NCAA previews, get to filing!) We'll see you Monday.