Screw off, Selig.
• Goodbye, George Solomon.
• Peyton Manning blows us away with his ability to be vaguely amusing.
• Look what happens when you get these guys together in a room.
Dance, Gus Johnson, dance.
Duke ladies.
See ya, Joe Theismann.
• You, too, can coach the Wolverines.
• David Hirshey's ethical quandary.
Brian Giles, genius.
• We waxed sentimental about the Cardinals.
Southern Idaho is awfully curious about its players.
• The kids, they love the Erin Andrews.
• Tony Mandarich, photographer.
• Please, support your local A-Rod.
Joakim Noah and PhotoShop, two great tastes that taste great together.

All right, The Mighty MJD will take you through Final Four weekend, and maybe even set up the start of the baseball season Sunday night. (REO Speedwagon! The national anthem! Wow!) We'll still be in Atlanta on Monday, and we shall see you then.