If you slept at all, chances are, you slept more peacefully than Michael Ruffin last night. Between the guilt, the "Dear God, what have I done" thoughts, and the endless "Thanks a lot, dickhead" phone calls from teammates, Michael Ruffin probably didn't sleep well.

I understand the "let's just chuck the ball into the air" play. It can eat a second or two, no one can foul you... the game just ends peacefully. But if you're going to do it with three full seconds left, you're going to need to get a little more velocity on the ball than that, and you might want to think about throwing it away from the other team's basket.


Anyway, Mo Peterson's shot sent the game into overtime, where, predictably, the Raptors cruised. I don't know if the Wizards have a team sports psychologist, but if they do, he or she has their hands full over the next couple of days.

MoPete Buzzer Beater [YouTube]