On Wednesday, Daisuke Matsuzaka will make his Fenway Park debut ... and it's not just a big day for him and the Red Sox, it's also huge for the Japanese baseball fans. Because it's not only Dice-K out there; he's going to face Ichiro Suzuki. If only they could pull Hideki Matsui off the DL for a day and let him pinch hit.

Anyway, as Digital Headbutt points out, this is hardly the first time Matsuzaka and Ichiro will meet ... and, historically, Dice-K has owned Ichiro. It's pretty rare you see Ichiro look as bad on three consecutive at-bats as he does in this video. We look forward to it, mostly because it will be SUPER HAPPY FUN TIME YAY!

Japan Is Going To Implode On Wednesday [Digital Headbutt]