We're kind of suckers for these types of stories: One team so much more talented than another team that it absolutely eviscerates them at a too-violent-for-small-children level. This is one of the better ones in a while; Bridgewater State (Mass.) beat Newbury 57-1.

All kinds of fun stats here, including 44 hits total, with Steve Smith coming out of retirement to knock home 10 RBIs. It's also proof than blowouts are funnier then the losing team scores one run; somehow, 57-1 is better than 57-0. It just is.


This has always been a curiosity for us; just how much would the best pro team beat a high school team by. If you took the five guys from your local rec league team and put them against the Mavericks, would your team score even once? We always wonder about this.

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