Here's a semi-clever idea for a book: Asking various "sports media professionals" โ€” also know as "People Who Didn't Pay For A Ticket" โ€” to list their five favorite sports moments they've experienced in person.

That's the premise of Being There, a new book edited by Eric Mirlis. He amasses a roster with some heavy hitters (Marv Albert, Keith Olbermann, Peter King, Pat Summerall) and some morons (Jay Mohr, DB Sweeney, your humble editor, whose No. 1 entry you can probably guess, though had we known we'd come across a day when there were freaking Hunger Force ads all over our site, we suppose we would have put that at No. 1). If you're really hankering to know what Kevin Harlan's favorite all-time sports moment is, here's your book. Though, frankly, we're more interested in the observations of regular humans, ones who weren't warm and toasty in the press box, stories that involve pouring beer on people and random drunk ladies flashing the Bengals bench.

Being There [The Writers]