So you're pissed, right? We mean, you're really freaking ticked off. Your teammate has flummoxed you for the last time. So now you're at his house. You've got a handgun in your car, a shotgun by your side, and it's 4:30 a.m. It's time for revenge; you came here to kick ass and chew gum, and you're all out of gum.

Knock, knock, bitch. Knock, knock ... oops.

Toledo football player Richard Davis, who showed up to really, totally, and completely end a running dispute with a teammate at 4:30 a.m. last Thursday. He had the element of surprise by showing up early-check. Adequate firepower? Check-Davis not only had a handgun in his car, but had a shotgun he'd leaned against the side of the house for...well, in case he had to really make his point. Showing up at the right place? Hmm...UNcheck.

Police say Deputy Vincent Scott was awakened by the sound of his doorbell ringing repeatedly, and the sound of somebody turning the doorknob. Scott armed himself with his service weapon, and went out the back door and confronted Davis.

Yeah, now you hate to see that.

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(Picture of Tank Johnson, just because we miss him.)