Considering all the trouble ESPN has had with its fantasy game, we suppose it's inevitable (and probably pretty smart) for Yahoo (where we've been doing all our fantasy games for years) to rub it in a little bit.

Disenfranchised fantasy baseball players can register at Yahoo! Sports and still play a complete fantasy baseball season. Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Baseball '07 offers rotisserie or point-style games that give players access to scoring data starting on April 1 (opening day).

"Being locked out of your fantasy league is like having a day at the ball park rained out," said Greg DeForest, Yahoo! Sports fantasy executive producer. "All disenfranchised players are welcome at Yahoo! Sports where they won't experience a lockout-shortened season because our retroactive tool ensures fantasy league scoring will include all the action from opening day."

Again, we've never understood why anyone would have used ESPN's fantasy game in the first place — John Kruk in leather pants aside — but honestly, if we'd lost the first week of fantasy stats, we'd be pissed enough to go somewhere, anywhere else as well.


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