If you'll excuse us a brief moment of self-indulgence, we have a tiny anniversary to note.

Back before we started Deadspin — we are but a wee year-and-a-half old, after all — we pitched the fine folks at Gawker Media on the idea of doing a sports blog. They weren't quite sure yet, particularly because, up to the point, we'd mostly just typed long, navel-gazing columns about the Midwest and covered finance (poorly). So they had us set up a blogspot page and just blog away for a day, to see if we had any idea what we were doing.


That was two years ago tomorrow, and the site was The Daily Closer. Looking at it now, we can't possibly imagine what convinced them we had any idea what we were doing. Hopefully, we got a little better.

And that's all. We just found that amusing.

The Daily Closer [Blogspot]