See, this is what the Eagles get for naming Andy Reid's son the new team accountant. Eagles running back Brian Westbrook was owed a $3 million roster bonus this off-season, and the Eagles paid it to him... twice.

Some kind of accounting error took place, and Westbrook is reported to have agreed to give the Eagles back their money. But he hasn't yet, and it could end up hurting their salary cap situation, says ESPN's Len Pasquarelli.

But because the Eagles have yet to be reimbursed, which could negatively impact on the Eagles' salary cap status, the team has been forced to file a grievance with the league office seeking repayment. A team official stressed there was no acrimony between the Eagles and their star tailback, that repayment is anticipated, and that the grievance was a technicality aimed at avoiding any cap implications.

I think right about now would be the perfect time for Brian Westbrook to announce his retirement and quietly disappear from the game.


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