Listen Tiffany, we're sick and tired of coddling your ass. You always recover centrally. And we've told you a million times, dribble toward the defender until he leaves his mark, then pass him! Repeat that, Tiffany! You dribble where? Toward the defender! Don't make us stop the car again.

A soccer mom, upset at her teenage daughter's performance at a game Saturday, stopped along Interstate 80 and left her there. She said the woman yelled at her 15-year-old in her car and asked her to repeat lines about improving her performance. When the girl messed up the lines, she slapped her. Finnell said the teen told her mom to pull over along I-80 near the downtown exit, so she did. That's when the girl says her mom yelled at her to get out. She did and her mom drove away.

And somewhere, Patrick Knight can only nod solemnly while rubbing his feet.

Mom Accused Of Neglect After Leaving Girl On I-80 [Lincoln Journal Star]