If you haven't been paying attention, thanks to Sunday being a Sunday and yesterday being some sort of weird DC holiday, today is officially tax day (there's enough, you know, actual news going on today that the yearly "Everyone's at the post office at the last minute!" stories have fallen through the cracks.

Anyway, the gang at The Wade Blogs — still a great site name — have put together a list of the greatest tax cheats in sports. No. 1 is Pete Rose, obviously, but we were surprised by the number of tennis players on the list. Boris Becker, Andre Agassi and the grand Steffi Graf, though she can be forgiven, considering she had one of those awful tennis dads.


So get out there and make sure you send those darned things off; we found out the hard way that one cannot claim Barbaro as a dependent.

Tax Evaders [The Wade Blogs]