What's coming up in the world of minor league baseball ... we proudly present you with Rick Chandler's Minor Enterprise!

Hmm, it's somewhat unclear as to whether the First Annual CNBC Minor League Baseball Logo Awards have concluded, or are still taking nominations. The Montgomery Biscuits logo (above, center) is listed first in the article, so they might have won. But author Darren Rovell asks people to write in, so go there and Rock the Vote, I guess.

The CNBC list includes some of the classic minors logos, such as the Jamestown Jammers (above, left) and Montgomery Nuts. Conspicuously missing, however, are some of our favorites, such as the Williamsport Crosscutters (above, right, single-A New York Penn League), which reminds me less of minor league baseball than it does a tragic logging accident. Also sadly absent: The Lancaster JetHawks (Single-A California League), Batavia Muckdogs (Single-A New York Penn League), Wilmington Blue Rocks (Single-A Carolina League) and Aberdeen Ironbirds (Single-A New York Penn League). We'd also like to nominate the Tucson Sidewinders (Triple-A, Pacific Coast League), but only if Randy Johnson is wearing the hat (photo after the jump).

On to the upcoming promotions:

Caddyshack Night. Saturday, April 21, Augusta Greenjackets (Single-A, South Atlantic League). Come to the game dressed as your favorite character from the movie! (we choose Spaulding Smails). Also, the first 1,000 fans get a Greenjackets cap. Act fast, because after the first thousand, you'll get nothing and like it!


Stubby Clapp Day. Saturday, April 21, Memphis Redbirds (Triple-A, Pacific Coast League). I always get a kick out of those last-minute Stubby Clapp Day shoppers.

Second Chance Night. Saturday, April 21, Fresno Grizzlies (Triple-A, Pacific Coast League). After admitting Tank Johnson and various members of the Cincinnati Bengals there may not be many tickets left, but the Grizzlies are giving away seats to fans who bring a traffic violation to the ticket office and pledge never to make the same mistake again. Matt Leinert, party of four! "The Grizzlies are also excited to offer FREE admission to all probation officers (with valid identification) for their valiant efforts in providing second chances to those in the community who have committed more serious misgivings." Music for the evening will be provided by artists who may have been given an unfair shake the first time around. Also, a "Mug Shot Slideshow" is in store, and losers of on-field contests will be temporarily placed in holding cells. See you at will-call.


First Day Of Shorebird Hunting Season. Friday, April 27, Hagerstown Suns (Single-A, South Atlantic League). If you missed McDreamy Day on Thursday — which included the scrubs fashion show and dramatic medical spelling bee — don't fret; the Suns have something wonderful planned for you on this day. Exactly what, I have no idea. But I bet it tastes swell with basil and cumin. — [thanks to Ryan Mock].

Mascot Of The Week. And speaking of things you want to shoot, we give you Cosmo (above, right), the mascot for the Las Vegas 51s (Triple-A Pacific Coast League). Meesa think someone gonna get sued!


Bobblehead Of The Moment. Diocese Night. Wednesday, April 25, Corpus Christie Hooks (Double-A Texas League). The first 2,500 fans will receive a Bishop Carmody Bobblehead doll; the faithful likeness of the venerable local clergyman that all the kids have been clamoring for.

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