In case you missed the news yesterday, Barbaro now has a baby brother. He was brought into this world yesterday, and good news: he looks exactly like Barbaro. They're both brown and have really long faces.

His mother (La Ville Rouge, who I've heard is a total whore) and father (Dynaformer, who is well-hung, even for a horse) welcomed Barbaro's full brother into the world at 2:08 a.m. on Friday. It was a c-section.


However, the 148-lb. bundle of joy doesn't have a name yet. I hate to suggest the obvious, but if it was up to me, I'd just abandon any illusion of the horse trying to have his own identity, and I'd call him Barbar-bro.

Maybe that puts a little too much pressure on him, though. I'd hate for him to succumb to all the expectations and end up as the Roger Clinton of the family. You know, he runs away after his first birthday, become addicted to smack, and years later, his family will find him drunk and high, accepting a 75 cents for a stud fee in a filthy back alley in Louisville during Derby Week. I'd hate to see it come to that.

So if you've got any name suggestions, I'm sure the family would love to hear them.

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