We find it fascinating when, for one reason or another, a less talented team/player finds a way to dominate a more talented opponent. Our favorite example is Barry Bonds and Mike Bielecki. No matter how outstanding Bonds has been — for whatever reason — he never could do anything against Mike Bielecki, hardly the Mariano Rivera of his time. (Bonds was 3-for-35 against Bielecki lifetime.) If Mike Bielecki were as effective against the lesser talents in baseball as he was against Barry Bonds — the best player in the game — he'd be in the Hall of Fame. But he wasn't: He was mostly only good against Bonds.

Therefore, we love watching these Golden State Warriors — convincing upset winners over Dallas in Game 1 of their series last night — because they seem to understand some secret about the Mavericks, whom they have not lost to yet this season. During the game last night, it seemed amazing that the Mavericks were the team that had won 67 games, not the Warriors; Golden State looked the better the whole game, and there wasn't a time Baron Davis didn't look like the biggest man on the court. (And oh that beard!)


Listen, the odds are still in favor of Dallas figuring out this little blind spot before they've lost three more of these. But for fans of a team like Golden State, who have been waiting so long to even have the opportunity to play on this stage ... what a sweet morning this is. Maybe the NBA should have playoff beards of its own.

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