Here we have Lloyd Scott, who completed the London Marathon on Sunday while dressed as Indiana Jones, raising a bunch of money for charity in the process. (Note to teenage boys: Dressing like this while manning a hand crank over long distances pretty much guarantees that you will never, ever have sex). Now, here are some additional Lloyd Scott facts:

• Recently visited Australia where he traveled 2,700 miles from Perth to Sydney on a penny farthing while dressed as Sherlock Holmes.


Has divorced his wife because she was caught sleeping with two of his friends. "By the time Mr. Scott completed the London marathon in May, dressed as St George in a suit of armour and hauling an 8ft dragon, the couple, who married in 1986, were going through divorce proceedings."

• Drove a Mini with flat tires from Land's End to John o' Groats on the 8 May 2006.

Well, OK, who hasn't done that third one.

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