Here's a factoid we didn't know: With just 33 more losses — a figure, at this rate, they'll reach by June — the Philadelphia Phillies will become the first professional sports franchise to reach the sainted total of 10,000 losses. Somehow, it seems fitting that the milestone will be reached by a Philadelphia franchise. They have certainly earned it.

Anyway, some Phillies fans have put together a countdown Web site to track the countdown, a countdown we're considerably more excited about than that whole dirty Bonds business. Though, no matter how much you might be "proud" of the Phillies for reaching such a marker, we're not sure we understand buying merchandise to commemorate it. That's a T-shirt we're not sure we'd be showing off.


By the way, any time we talk about the Phillies, we feel obliged to remind you of Daulerio's Pat Burrell story.

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