So the Orioles — yes, the Orioles — are off to a blistering start in the American League East, and the explanation can not be found in Leo Mazzone or Erik Bedard. It's in the mustache!

Though careful not to violate the club's facial hair policy, the Orioles' relievers have decided to grow mustaches as another symbol of team unity. They're definitely not going for fashion. "You like it? It looks kind of trashy," John Parrish said.

Our favorite part is the description of the team's facial hair policy.

The facial hair policy doesn't allow for mustaches to extend beyond the corners of the mouth.

Now, is there a beleaguered clubhouse employee charged with enforcing this policy? Because that doesn't sound like a particularly pleasant job to us. But now we know why the Orioles hired Hirshey as their emergency catcher.


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