Let it be known that Michael Bloomberg is a serious man with many important papers on his desk, and that his office has wood paneling and various brass fixtures. This leaves him little time for traditional sports wagers with other, lesser mayors.

The face-off between the hockey clubs from New York State's No. 1 and No. 2 cities set the stage Monday for a possible friendly wager between Mayors Byron W. Brown of Buffalo and Michael R. Bloomberg of New York City. But when Brown's office called to set one up, Bloomberg's office declined. "I hope Mayor Bloomberg's reluctance to wage a bet is not a sign of his lack of confidence in the Rangers' chances against the Sabres," Brown said.

No, we suspect that it's a sign of a lack of quality items for Bloomberg to include in the bet. So let us intercede. Buffalo can offer a case of chicken wings and a Chuck Schumer For President t-shirt. Bloomberg can then put up two of the following:

• A dozen Taco Bell rats.

• A pair of tickets to the Spider-Man musical.

• Don Imus microphone and used Levis.

• Coleman ice chest filled with black snow.

• "I'd Do Her" campaign button.

• Can of heat balm once used by Mookie Wilson.

Of course there's also the possibility that Buffalo has absolutely nothing that Bloomberg would want.

Hockey Frenzy Rachets Up To Next Level [The Buffalo News]