We know that LeBron James is always trying to become the cool, worldwide superstar guy that everybody loves, that transcends all demographic commercial boundaries, the superhuman with a sense of humor. It's a marketing gimmick, and that's OK: As long as he entertains, we don't mind, considering he is, after all, a professional entertainer.

But that said, this LeBron video, which features our hero singing along and dancing to the Bee Gees for some sort of "American Idol" promotion thing, might be a little too "irreverent" for our tastes. That is to say: We appreciate that LeBron is loose and having fun ... but we'd rather not see our Sports Gods quite so, uh ... dorky. (Video via The Tailgate and The Basketball Jones.)


Again, we know we're always saying that athletes shouldn't take themselves so seriously, so we know it's not fair to mock them when they're trying to do something fun. But Andy Rooney once wrote that he didn't like to have doctors as his friends, because when you know a doctor in person, you learn that they can't change a tire, or are horrible at Scrabble, or have bad breath ... all types of mortal flaws that you'd rather not know about a guy who someday might be operating on your heart. We need to assume that doctors are infallible gods; seeing them as people makes us nervous.

That's how we feel about this LeBron video; no one this transcendent at the great game of basketball should be allowed to look so dopey. We'd rather not know.

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