Just Call Me Juice is doing a clever series in which they ask readers to tell the stories of their most embarrassing, rueful jersey purchases. Unsilent Majority keeps the series going with his gruesome tale of buying a Steve Spurrier Redskins jersey (with the number he wore as a player), though we do think, if the Redskins ever become good again, that thing could have some serious ironic value.

Our personal favorite awful jersey purchase is actually a near-miss. In the Montreal Expos' last year of existence, Jose Canseco was trying to make the team out of spring training. This seemed somehow perfect to us, the lost franchise of sports potentially starting Jose freaking Canseco in right field for its final tour of duty. Alas, Canseco was cut in spring training, and the Expos' Web site — which, amusingly, was available in English and Spanish but not French — canceled our order. We would wear that proudly, today.

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