Some more blowback from the Ron Mexico dogfighting story from yesterday: PETA is calling for him to be released from the team if the allegations are proven true.

Officials also evidently discovered dogfighting paraphernalia, including a "rape stand" on the premises. These are deadly serious allegations, and it's immensely distressing to see such a high-profile athlete accused of this kind of cruelty. PETA is calling on the Atlanta Falcons to immediately suspend Vick pending the outcome of the investigation, and if animals on his property are found to have been neglected or used for fighting, we're asking that he be released from the team."

Frankly, that seems a bit much to us: If athletes aren't going to be kicked off their teams for neglecting their children, you can't exactly kick them off for neglecting their dogs. We should settle this prison-style: The dogs, Vick and the head of PETA all put in a ring, and whoever comes out alive gets to play quarterback for the Falcons.

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(Graphic by the world-famous MILF Jim Cooke.)