It's a credit to the Golden State Warriors that those "We Believe" t-shirts have become a little bit redundant. It's not like it takes some incredible leap of faith to believe when your team is right in front of you, thoroughly embarrassing the Dallas Mavericks. Mark Cuban should call Golden State's marketing department and see if he can get the number of the place that printed them up, so he can pass out 20,000 "We Believe" t-shirts in Mavs colors for Sunday night's Game 4. It doesn't look like Dirk Nowitzki believes anymore.

And Golden State's ass-whooping might not have even been the most significant development in the NBA last night. The defending champs are on the brink of being swept after Chicago outscored them 32-20 in the fourth quarter last night. Dwyane Wade had 28, and Shaq had 23 and 13 ... and they still couldn't do it. You know who I blame? Terrell Owens. Every other fan in the joint wore white, and that prick showed up in black. Just selfish.

Golden State 109, Dallas 91 [ESPN]
Chicago 104, Miami 96 [ESPN]