The Miami Heat's comeback attempt down the stretch imploded because of a flurry of Dwyane Wade turnovers, and — of all things — Ben Wallace shooting free throws like Larry freaking Bird.

And that's it. The Miami Heat, with everything about their team and coaching staff just screaming championship, has been swept in the first round of the NBA playoffs. It's hard to believe. You look at Pat Riley and it doesn't even seem possible that his he'd get shut out in the first. That happens to coaches who look like Brian Hill, not Pat Riley. The defending champions haven't been swept in the opening round since 1957, when it happened to the Warriors.


Game 4 was the same old story. Luol Deng with 22, Ben Gordon with 24, the Bulls getting to the loose balls, and making the Heat look like an over-40 YMCA team. So long, Miami Heat ... but don't worry, the Dallas Mavericks might soon steal some of your shamed spotlight.

Chicago 92, Miami 79 [ESPN]