Tired of watching your favorite athletes struggle under the pressures of posing for pictures and signing autographs? Wish someone could do something, to make a difference?

Worry not, young turks: A new product called Autograph Kit is here to solve all your pen/camera needs. (Via the great Randball.)

Many times we are in a situation to get an autograph of a famous athlete or celebrity and have nothing for them to sign that we can keep. Sometimes we are in a position to get a picture with the celebrity and would love to have that picture autographed. With the picture still in the camera, we're out of luck. We know that a celebrity would not be able to let you get your picture developed and sent to them to sign.

However, if we have the Autograph Kit., you can ask for the autograph to be signed on the lower portion of the electrostatic slip, take a picture of the celebrity or ask someone to snap two pictures (we recommend two in case someone is blinking) Later, get the picture developed and adhere the Electrostatic Autograph Slip to the picture. Now you can have the autograph right on the spot and get the picture developed and later adhere the Electrostatic Autograph Slip to the picture.

This is probably the most useless invention we've ever come across, and we absolutely want six of them.

It's A Jump ... To Conclusions ... Mat! [Randball]