Brady Quinn's dreams had just been peed on for 4½ straight hours before finding out he was going to be spending his career in the high-fashion mecca of Cleveland ... I thought we could all forgive him if he looked a bit disheveled. Joe Theismann could not.

I felt like he could have presented himself in a much more professional manner. It looked like his tie was the first time he ever tried to tie one. It looked like his hair, he had just walked out of a shower, and he stands there, relieved as all get-out, chewing gum. And to me, that's not a professional image.

Anyway, Brady Quinn took it to heart ... and cut his hair before showing up to Browns minicamp. I personally don't feel like the length of his hair will be much of a deciding factor in how good he turns out to be. Listening to Joe Theismann, though ... that can't be a positive indicator.


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