Because it happened over the weekend, we didn't get a chance to appropriately salute LeBron James and the Cavaliers not only for reaching the NBA Finals, but giving us a reason to watch those Finals. As the whole Cleveland area goes nuts, we note that even Spurs fans are happy with how this turned out.

Let's face it, another Finals triumph over the Pistons would have been sparsely viewed by general NBA fans and apathetically covered by the media. How exactly would the writers have framed the contest? A rematch of the '05 finals: a rematch no one outside of Detroit and San Antonio wanted to see. Hell, even I was at least partially dreading having to watch that series.

Lebron did something the Spurs couldn't. He's rewritten the story. He's both heightened and shifted the focus of these playoffs, and in doing so he's given the Spurs the chance to win something untainted. And for that we should all be thankful.

Yep: We actually can't wait. The second best player is named "Boobie." How can you not watch that?


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