After last night's Stanley Cup Finals Game 4, an Anaheim victory over Ottawa to take a 3-1 series lead, it appears that the NHL will remain true to tradition: The Stanley Cup will be presented in Orange County. It seems as if there could have never been any other way.

Because this is probably one of the last NHL posts we'll be doing for a while — everyone seems to think this series is done tomorrow night — we thought we'd check in on what the top NHL bloggers are saying. Bear with us, non-hockey fans: It's almost over.


James Mirtle: "As for the Senators: If you can't win at home against a team missing its top defenceman, you don't deserve to win the Stanley Cup."

Behind The Jersey: "The thought of Chris Pronger raising the Stanley Cup over his head makes me want to throw up. What is the verb for vomit in German? I just happened to learn it this week. It's "übergeben." I knew my German class would come in handy someday."

On Frozen Blog: "Truth be told, I'm not an Alanis Morisette fan. Just not my thing, nothing personal. However, she and her 20,500 background singers taught me a lesson in how one is supposed to sing their national anthem tonight. I've never been at a sporting event (or any other event for that matter) where a crowd sang so enthusiastically and without self-consciousness the anthem of their country. Maybe I haven't been to the right games. Maybe our anthem is too tough. Maybe I've just been oblivious (which happens with an uncomfortable regularity), but it occurs to me that how it was done tonight is the way it should be done."


Oh, and Japers' Rink actually watched the game from the Canadian embassy. That's awesome.