The Fanhouse discussed this yesterday, but we wouldn't help but play with it some more: There's a Massachusetts politician named Kevin Thompson who is kind of losing his mind about Tom Brady. Actually, he has a problem with athletes in general.

It seems as though even good, fundamental men fall into this trap of "worshipping" sports stars to the point of overlooking their sin. I will never understand the great hold sports has upon people. In the end, it is all meaningless to begin with. Bodily exercise profits little, Paul tells us. And let's not fool ourselves - this is exactly what Paul had in mind...Why is so much of our time wasted on something meant as a diversion, played by immature, sinful men and in the end has no effect on our life, the lives of others or on anything of eternal worth. Yet, for some odd reason, many people associate ability in sports with an ideal of manhood.

It's true, man: Bodily exercise profits us little. We agree, though: Sports is all meaningless to begin with. Uh, Kevin: That's the fun of it!


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