Among those who care more about silly workout statistics and the notion of watching young men in their underwear run, jump and lift things than simply watching how preternaturally blessed athletes dominate their sports, there was considerable concern this week about Kevin Durant's relatively weak showing in the bench press. Poor scrawny Kevin couldn't bench 185 pounds. Oh no!

As a frame of reference, 100 Percent Injury Rate has compiled a list of bench press records for various athletes and other public figures. Some of the fun facts they uncovered:


• Cowboys offensive lineman Larry Allen: 700 pounds.
• Actor Will Smith: 385 pounds. (!)
• Actor Hugh Jackman: 315 pounds.
• President George W. Bush: 185 pounds.

As they point out ... our president can bench press more than the presumed No. 2 NBA draft pick. Fortunately, the only person in the NBA required to constantly lift things is Zydrunas Ilgauskas, who must constantly catch LeBron James.

George W. Bush Benches More Than Kevin Durant [100 Percent Injury Rate]