How far has horse racing sunk? Far enough that sport's biggest event of the day isn't at Belmont, but at River Downs in Cincinnati.

At 4:53 p.m. ET, a 4-year-old named Restore the Road will race a 29-year-old named Chad Johnson. Because you can't exclaim "Oh, the humanity!" without "Man." And you can't promote "Man vs. Beast" without "Man." Or, uh, "Beast." (What about "Meast vs. Meast?")


Restore the Road will race 1/8 of a mile. Johnson will run 1/16. Thank god: It's for charity. (

And, yet: I'll bet you can still make a wager at your local OTB. Currently, Beast is favored over Man at 5-7.

Full post-race coverage tomorrow. Judge for yourself what more post-race coverage of Chad Johnson than Belmont says about things.


(Memory Lane: Back in March 1983, Chris Collinsworth raced a horse — Mr. Hurry — at Turfway Park in Kentucky. Collinsworth got routed.)
— D.S.

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