We have to agree with Bugs and Cranks: Seeing a truly awful defensive play in baseball is darned near as good as seeing a truly great one. The site's Lead Glove Awards are out, and once again we see Manny Ramirez in a place of honor. A couple of our favorite lines:

‚ÄĘ "First base, Dmitri Young, Nationals. With the quickness of a battleship and the coordination of a cross-eyed goose, no manager puts Dmitri at first base if he can avoid it. Don't laugh Brewer fans, Prince Fielder's man-boobs aren't far behind."

‚ÄĘ "Third base, Chone Figgins, Angels. He's finally settling into one position to be crappy at instead of sucking all over the diamond. After he fielded 3B at a sweet .878 clip last year, why wouldn't the Angels put him there every day? After all, he can show off his laser-rocket arm he's used to collect 8 outfield assists in the last 5 years."

‚ÄĘ "Outfield, Matt Stairs, Blue Jays: Never a master of geometry, Stairs takes terrible angles on fly balls and if a ball would happen to ricochet off a wall, he might never find it. Stairs was used almost exclusively as a DH last season, but apparently the Blue Jays have the same sense of humor as we do."

And the worst fielder of all time? B&C chooses, apparently, Dick Stuart (Pirates, '58-'69). He wasn't called Dr. Strangeglove for nothing. For one thing, he managed to make 29 errors in 1963 ... at first base.


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