Like the rest of you, we find it endlessly infuriating that, when we head to, someone starts talking to us. It's loud, it's obnoxious, it's intrusive and it makes us want to keep our distance from their site. Until now, we didn't know you could do anything about it. But you can.

A helpful tech blogger who's smarter about this stuff explains the process of blocking the ESPN video, and we are extremely pleased to learn that it works. Here's a sampling.

# First, you need to be using Firefox. Please, if you're using a PC... just use Firefox. I'm willing to entertain arguments for Safari, but to be using Microsoft Internet Explorer at this point is just... wrong. Objectively wrong. Don't do it.

Next, install the Adblock extension (which you should really be using anyway). Adblock, well, blocks ads online. It comes with a huge list of automatically-blocked ads, which is neat, but the great thing about it is that you can manually add other ads to the list. Like, I don't know... the ESPN Motion video that starts whenever you visit

There are a couple more steps, but they're simple and effective. Liberate yourselves, sports fans of America!

How To Block ESPN Motion [Hello World]