So, as we look back on David Stern's fascinating press conference earlier today, we have a few thoughts.

• Boy, Stern seems pretty certain of Donaghy's guilt, doesn't he? There wasn't much doubt there at all; contrast that to how baseball has handled Barry Bonds, or the NFL has dealt with Michael Vick. Either Stern is being reckless, or he knows a lot more than he's letting on. It's Stern, so we're assuming the latter.

• NBA refs of Donaghy's status make $260,000 a year. Hmm.

• As True Hoop points out, Stern has Vegas' back, to say the last. Please don't not let these gambling accusations remind you of, you know, the All-Star Game, or that we desperately want a team in Vegas. TWO ENTIRELY DIFFERENT MATTERS.


On the whole, we respected how Stern handled the situation. But man, this thing, it's far from over.