All things considered, all you folk have been on your best behavior this weekend. Which makes it all the more difficult to ruin a perfectly beautiful Sunday afternoon by throwing some nightmare fuel onto the fire.

Channeling the pictorial subtlety of Jeff Reed, an anonymous German soccer player had such team spirit, he decided to carve his team's crest into his, um, "man mane." The coat-of-arms, as you see here, is a little too intricate for just one patch of pubic hair, so he just did the little waves in the yellow portion.


For more information you can read the accompanying German article, featuring a larger picture of the shaven crest (thank God). With nothing else to say about this, I threw the article into Babelfish. All I really learned is that the pubic hair region lies between the belly and the "Lenden," that the waves in the coat-of-arms represent deer antlers, and the German phrase for "pubic hair" roughly translates to "shame hair."

While I can't imagine who would want to draw attention to one's pubic hairdo, in the end, I suppose there are worse logos to carve there.

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