Peter King says it's not official yet, but Yahoo Sports — sorry: Yahoo! — has the big scoop: Michael Vick will be suspended for the entire 2007 season.

King says the larger concern for commissioner Roger Goodell is allegations that people were gambling on the dogfights, which sort of makes sense; if you're going to watch two animals rip each other the shreds, you should at least have some money riding on the outcome. The supposed suspension, according to Yahoo!, should come down this week.


We would point out that Vick has yet to be convicted of anything, therefore making it odd that you could deprive him of his livelihood, but, of course, Goodell's making a habit out of this, Pac Man Jones, et al. (We'll be back to Pac Man in a bit, by the way.) It's probably unfair, but it's consistently and fairly unfair, so, there's that.

Meanwhile ... we repeat: Vick's not gonna ever start an NFL game again. Fortunately, you can still gamble on those.

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(UPDATE: The NFL is officially denying the Yahoo! story.)