Because college football season is almost here, and because I can already picture Joe Paterno leading a player around by the nose with a pair of pliers, I give you this ... one more reason to love Philadelphia. I mean, besides the Rocky statue, and the fact that Eagles fans travel all the way to Texas to boo the Cowboys at practice. Philadelphia is also the city houses the world's only Three Stooges Museum.

The Stooges museum — actually called the Stoogeum — not only exhibits the world's finest collection of Stooge memorabilia, but it also has a theater which shows Stooge shorts nonstop. One, 1934's Three Little Pigskins, is probably the best football comedy ever made; when you consider that its competition is Little Giants and The Waterboy. Aside from being one of the first screen appearances for Lucille Ball, Three Little Pigskins was also the only Stooges short in which the three refused to do a stunt. The short involved a college football game, in which players — actual members of the Loyola Marymount football team — were to gang tackle the Stooges in one scene. Moe, Larry and Curly refused to do it; the only time stand-ins were ever used in one of their films. And as it turned out, two of the three stand-ins were seriously injured.

Other Stooge greatness:

• Punch Drunks (1934): Curly becomes a boxing dynamo whenever he hears the tune Pop Goes The Weasel on the violin.
• Playing the Ponies (1937): The boys are tricked into buying a worthless racehorse, Thunderbolt. But when Curly feeds him chili pepperinos, he runs like crazy towards the nearest water.
• A Ducking They Did Go (1938): Curly vs. duck.

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