As controversial as Barry Bonds — who broke the all-time home run record last week, in case you missed it — is to many people, you'd imagine his best pals are murderers, dogfight enthusiasts and those who try to cut in lines at the car rental place. But it turns out, his best buddies are a little more innocuous than that; his friends are actually Seavers.

During an interview the other day, someone asked Bonds about Hank Aaron, and he started talking about hockey, for some reason. And his winter hockey pal.

I could never play hockey. I've tried. I can ice skate, but it's not good, you know? I play hockey in the wintertime with (actor, game-show host) Alan Thicke. Me and my family. We do. We go down to the ice skating rink, all of us. Funny thing, I'd never seen my son skate, and he beat all of us.

Man, Bonds, we tell you, that guy's edgy. He should be careful of falling in with the wrong crowd.

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