Disgraced — as much as any NBA ref can be more disgraced than they already are — NBA ref Tim Donaghy has officially pleaded guilty to the charges against him. The Smoking Gun has the official document.

Highlights, from TSG:

Donaghy was charged with accepting payments from coconspirators for each correct pick he made. "Donaghy was not paid for an incorrect pick," noted the information, a copy of which you'll find below. To make his picks, Donaghy relied on inside information like what crews were officiating specific games, the "interactions between certain referees and certain players and team personnel," and the physical condition of certain players. Donaghy would pass on his picks via telephone, sometimes using coded language with his cohorts.

"He was not paid for an incorrect pick." And by "not paid," we mean "beaten severely."

NBA Ref Guilty Plea [The Smoking Gun]