David Hirshey writes regularly for Deadspin about soccer.

Any questions? I trust all of you who participated in the month-long orgy of Becklash after Goldenballs landed on our fair shores and healed his ankle poolside at Tom and Katie's will at least stay quiet for another week and let the rest of us enjoy last night's Hollywood moment.

This is not to say that we witnessed the Birth of The Beautiful Game at the half-filled Depot Center, just that we saw a beautiful goal by a beautiful man (and I'm man enough to say that). I, for one, am going to savor his viciously swerving free kick (even if DC's wall looked worse than Berlin's in 1989) and thank Dios we got to listen to the call in Spanish and not ESPNish.


And while SportsCenter will clearly focus on the goal, I was more impressed with his delicately weighted through ball to Landycakes and the hard, late tackle that earned him a yellow card and, no doubt, the respect of the Bloods and the Crips in the crowd.

One game, of course, does not a league make, but it certainly adds to the buzz as Beck-a-polooza rolls onto New York this Saturday. I will be there, ready to tell both of you who care why it's not nearly as glamorous as the Cosmos. After all, I hear that was once in a lifetime.