It is only in retirement that Drew Bledsoe confirmed what we always pretty much knew: He never really wanted to be much of a football player.

In an interview with some magazine called "The Whitefish Review," Bledsoe confessed that he dreaded leaving the summer behind and heading back to training camp, an affliction that's surely shared around football but likely not to the extent of Bledsoe, who always kind of looked like he'd rather be anywhere but on the field.

"The best day of my year was always the day after the season when we landed in Whitefish and I could feel myself exhale. Like the pressure was lifted off my shoulders - a physical feeling when we would get into Whitefish. I always looked forward to that day every year and it never let me down. The worst day of my year was always that last day of my summer. I would sit on the dock at my house on Whitefish Lake with my legs dangling in the water before I would fly back on the plane to training camp."

This reminds us of KSK's famous Eli Manning Really Would Rather Play Squash series. We think Bledsoe would have been much happier playing squash.

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