Many of us are blessed, in that we were born with all of our body parts, some of which we didn't know existed until after a rigorous workout. Occasionally you hear about someone who lost a leg, like Neil Parry, who returns from intense physical rehab to again play Division I football. But a story which slipped through the cracks was Wolfsburg midfielder Ashkan Dejagah, who, as seen here, plays soccer in the German Bundesliga with no head.

For those not in the know, the head is a vital body part in any sport, especially one as brutal as soccer. Not only can the head be used to direct the ball toward the goal (or open teammates), but it also houses the nerves which control a human's motor skills. To compensate for this, Dejagah relies on a series of electroshock pads controlled by his doctor, combined with the Earth's gravity, to control the football.

Speaking of missing heads, know who else functions without one? You guessed it. Miss South Carolina.

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