Well, it's now official, as if we didn't know it already and somehow needed hours of coverage all morning (including Bob Ley saying it's "the biggest story, sports or otherwise, in the country right now" on the day the attorney general of the United States resigned): Michael Vick has officially pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy. You might find that entertaining. But in 20 minutes, it should be more fun.

At 11:30 a.m. ET, Vick is going to hold a press conference to tell his side of the story. And by "press conference," we mean "he's making a statement and taking no questions." And by "his side of the story," we mean "things that he cannot be held accountable for because he's already pleaded guilty. So that should be fun. Make sure to check back here for that.

December 10 is Vick's sentencing. By pure happenstance โ€” we hope โ€” the Falcons will be hosting the Saints on Monday Night Football that night. That should also be fun, and by "fun," we mean "grueling."

(UPDATE: OK, we stand corrected. There were no parsing of words, no "railroaded by the system," no ridiculousness and pseudo-apologies: Vick stood up there, took full responsibility, apologized to his fans and his league and his team, said he was immature and had a lot to learn about himself. He did not deny the charges or anything like that at all. He said he's found Jesus โ€” "for now," anyway โ€” and asked for forgiveness.

This is not a "sorry-to-be-caught" situation, at least what we could tell; Vick looks like he knows his life has collapsed around him, and it's his own fault. That's not enough to make up for it ... but it sure is a start.)