As mentioned on Friday, Deadspin Hall Of Fame voting has been extended until 5 p.m. today; polls will officially close then, and we'll have the inductions tomorrow. There's still some awfully close battles. Here's where the numbers are standing, as of now.

Ned: 78. 1 percent.
Barbaro: 75.3 percent.
Kige Ramsey: 72.9 percent.
Michael Vick: 70.3 percent.
February 1, 2007: 70.1 percent.
Pac Man Jones: 69.9 percent.
"Lemme Know": 65.6 percent.
ESPN Memo: 64.4 percent.
Sean Salisbury: 62.2 percent.
Brady Quinn: 53.2 percent.

A reminder that the threshold for induction is 75 percent. So, last chance. Make it count.