We forget, sometimes, that what seems like the biggest deal to us on the outside of sports often has no effect on the athletes themselves at all. Either we're making too much out of a story like Michael Vick, athletes are so caught up in their own single-minded bubblebrains, or both.

That is to say: It didn't seem like the Atlanta Falcons, playing last night on another excellent "Monday Night Football" broadcast, didn't appear all that broken up. It's not that they didn't like Vick or anything, but when your job is to run out onto a football field and tackle people — or avoid the large men who are attempting to tackle you — what Nancy Grace is yammering about is the least of your concerns.

Which means you can shave messages in your head. Someday, we're just gonna do this site through a straight razor and a Web cam. We're a little concerned about how the links will work, but we'll figure it out.

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