Chalk us up as people who would love to see Mark Cuban be allowed to buy the Chicago Cubs — he says he still can't talk about it whether or not he has even submitted a bid — but we can't think his response to a question about steroids, in an interview with Portfolio magazine, is gonna help his cause much with Mr. Selig.

Cuban is asked about steroids and Barry Bonds, and he says:

I'm saying that the media tries to make a big issue out of things most fans couldn't care less about. Back when Babe Ruth set the mark, there were allegations of every sort to explain why he was able to do things no other player was. When my kids or grandkids look back on Barry Bonds, they will know him as the home run champ. They won't invest the energy to try to find out what the context of the record was any more than any of us explore the context of when Ruth broke the record.

In reference to exploiting any means possible, that is an individual's choice. Each person lives with the decisions they make. The only certainty is that no one really cares about how and why others, whether it's Barry Bonds, Babe Ruth, or you‑name‑it, make the decisions they make, because they are nothing more or less than entertainers to us.

We think Cuban makes an excellent point, that's well-thought out and logical, and that shit will never, ever fly.

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