We'd like to take this opportunity to introduce you to Ray McDonald. You've probably never heard of him. He would desperately like to change that.

McDonald, who is now the softball coach for Notre Dame of Belmont, in 1982 had a better batting average than Barry Bonds in the West Catholic Athlete League. To make sure everybody knows this, he always carries a card with the statistics.

"You'd sit out in the bleachers [and] you'd bet the guy next to you a beer or something that you outhit [Bonds] in high school," McDonald said with a laugh. "And of course it was always 'No way!' you know? But then you'd show him the card ... and you'd have a good night"

It's difficult to overstate how sad this makes us; if we're in our mid-40s and still talking about the time we were the backup catcher on our high school team ... well, actually, we suppose we're 31 and already doing that, so perhaps we should shush.

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